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Newtown Pools is proud to offer the full line of POOLIFE chemical products.  POOLIFE offers our customers the complete POOLIFE Pool Care Systems.  POOLIFE Pool Care Systems include all the POOLIFE products you need to ensure sparkling-clean water all summer long.  When you use one of our exclusive POOLIFE Pool Care Systems, you'll not only enjoy crystal-clear water, but you'll also receive a personal prescription card with dosages specifically for your pool and easy to follow instructions.  To learn more about our POOLIFE Pool Care Systems as well as other POOLIFE chemicals we always have in stock, please come visit us at our retail store or contact us

  • Pool Care Systems

    • 3" Multipurpose Cleaning Tablet System  

    •  Active Cleaning Caplet System

  • Sanitizers

    •  Active Cleaning Granules

    • Granular Chlorinator And Shock 'n Swim

    • Active Cleaning Caplets

  • Stabilized Sanitizers

    • Multipurpose┬« 3'' Cleaning Tablets

    • 3'' Cleaning Tablets

    • 1" Cleaning Tablets

    • Cleaning Sticks 

    • Instant Clear Cleaning Granules 

  • Shock & Oxidizers

    • TurboShock┬« 

    • Rapid Shock

    • Super Shock 'n Swim

    • Non Chlorine Oxidizer

    • Clean Shock

  • Algaecides

    • AlgaeBomb 30

    • Super AlgaeBomb 60

    • AlgaeBan

  • Balancers & Pool Maintenance

    • PH Plus

    • PH Minus

    • Alkalinity Plus

    • Calcium Plus

    • Stabilizer & Conditioner

    • Tile & Vinyl Cleaner

    • Clarifier

    • Clarifying Flocculent

    • Super Concentrated Clarifier

    • Metal Stain Remover

    • Sand Filter Cleaner

    • Pool Plus

    • Sequestering Agent

    • Filter Cleaner

    • Salt Cell Cleaner

CT HIC 579688 | PLM 280168 SP1