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Pool Renovations




Is your in-ground pool looking old and tired? Newtown Pools has renovated and replaced over 500 in-ground pools in the last 20 years. Let Newtown Pools team of renovation experts make your in-ground pool look new again. So whether it's a new Merlin brand vinyl liner, replaster/tile/coping, paver/stone/concrete patio, fence replacement, etc. give us a call and schedule your free renovation quote today and be in your pool before the summer passes you by.

Newtown Pools Renovation Services Include:

  • Complete pool renovations (rip out existing pool and install a new pool)
  • Liner replacements
  • All types of pool deck replacements - i.e. stone, stamped concrete, brick pavers
  • Tile, Plaster & Coping
  • Sandblasting of painted gunite pool surfaces
  • Fence replacements
  • Pump and Filter replacements. Newtown Pools is an authorized dealer of Hayward Pool Products but we also sell many other brands upon request
  • Re-plumbing of current system for increased efficiency
  • Installation of water features


CT HIC 579688 | PLM 280168 SP1